Q2Q connects businesses with opportunities. We never propose an investment which we do not invest in ourselves. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

The letters Q2Q describe how we treat our clients. We serve them individually, we treat them equally and we value them highly.

At Q2Q, we build relationships based on ethical principles. We carefully choose our clients, partners and colleagues.

We like to protect, connect and share!

who we are

Welcome to Q2Q.

Q2Q is an investment boutique that focuses on liquid and illiquid assets in special situations.

The brand Q2Q was developed in 2011, following 25+ years of its founders' cumulative experience in banking & finance, asset & fund management as well as entrepreneurship.

Q2Q Capital Ltd is a limited liability company based in Dubai with a partner network active in all major markets. Our geographical focus is Europe / North America and the MENA region.

We mainly work in conjunction with single family offices, UHNWIs as well as niche institutional investors.


We like to see good, think good and receive pleasure from the investments we undertake!

what we do

Q2Q invests into the whole spectrum of the liability side of the balance sheet to deliver its investors attractive risk-adjusted returns via various strategies such as:


junior equity

(preferred and/or ordinary share capital)

convertible debt

mezzanine capital

senior debt


Q2Q is also active as an angel investor in the venture capital space. We invest from pre-seed stage all the way to late stage proven technology companies.


Our focus is on the disruption potential of the business model and its global applicability. 


We like profitable, non-capital intensive niche businesses with dominant market share!

Expertise & Approach

Q2Q manages a concentrated high conviction equity portfolio of 10-15 high quality companies that are undergoing a considerable transformation and are mis-priced due to the market's focus on short term totally irrelevant criteria.
Before we invest in any business, we conduct detailed due diligence looking at its long-term value creation, both financial and non-financial criteria such as:


fundamental analysis
company valuation
risk/ return profile
strategic relevance/ rationale
corporate governance
business ethics

If we are intrigued by what we learn as a result of these analysis, we are able to effectively move forward in the process. If however, we do not feel attracted by an investment opportunity, we decide and communicate swiftly. This is what our clients and investors expect from us. 

We like transparency, efficiency and attention to detail!

People & Network

We are a team of experienced investment professionals with deep financial services, business management and entrepreneurial experience combined with long working relationships.
We want to create a diversified pool of talent with vast experiences across the spectrum of sub-verticals and geographies. We invite interest from individuals with experience in top-tier global firms in consulting, law, investment banking, private equity, fintech or managerial experience in financial services and corporates.
Q2Q has a wide ranging network of industry recognised experts who provide invaluable insight. Be it market expertise, barriers to adoption, leverage of local networks and technology to accelerate financial inclusion.

We like creativity and positive attitude!




Bayswater Tower

Level 18, Office 1812

Business Bay

PO Box 333641